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Jebo 985 Pond Filter For Sale


The Jebo 985 pond filter is a large and powerful filter that sits outside of your pond and circulates the water at up to 6000 litres per hour. It also features a UV light that will help kill bacteria and algae and keep your pond water clear. The filter has 3 levels that are in easy to remove trays. The first two levels have foam filtration media of different grades and the third has plastic bio-balls for optimal beneficial bacterial growth.

The filter includes it's own water pump!

You should clean the filter every one to two months and change the UV light every 8 to 12 months. UV lights are available separately.

The Jebo 985 pond filter also comes with a 6 month manufacturers warranty against defects!

Price: RM950.00
Jebo 985 Pond Filter For Sale
Jebo 985 Pond Filter For Sale

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