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24" Aquarium Sump Filter


Sump filters are perfect for aquarium projects where you wish to hide filtration underneath your aquarium. The key advantages of sump filters are:

  • Connect UV sterilizers, protein skimmers to the sump so they are hidden from your actual aquarium - so you have a better design without showing clunky equipment.
  • Large surface area for growing beneficial bacteria that break down aquarium waste.
  • You control the filter media you wish to use - one section can be for sponge; carbon; ceramic media or etc
  • Increases the water volume of your aquarium system - meaning you can keep more fish!

Our sump filters are sturdy all glass construction and made to the highest quality standards.

Please note that the design may vary to the images! Filter media is not included. For delivery outside of Klang valley - contact us for correct postage / delivery charges.

Price: RM95.00
24" Aquarium Sump Filter
24" Aquarium Sump Filter

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