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Hikari Food Sticks 57g


Hikari brand premium fish food is fully imported to Malaysia from Japan!

Did you know that your smaller Arowana (Kelisa / Dragonfish) don't need to be fed only on live food? It's true and this product proves it! Not only will Arowana eat these food sticks (dry food) but they love it and it's really healthy for your fish.

Hikari Food Sticks are ideal for Top-Feeding Carnivores - A Scientific Diet For Arowana & Top Feeding Carnivorous Fish. ​A highly nutritious diet which promotes rapid growth, proper form and vibrant coloration. Developed after extensive study and analysis of the sense of sight, smell and taste of numerous carnivorous fish. Inclusion of key ingredients like DL-methionine and Llysine allowed us to produce a food most top feeding carnivorous fish are eager to devour.

New advances in bio-technology helped us identify the highest grade of carotenoid available today which promotes active color development and retention in UV deficient environments. Your fish will look their best year round!

Helps reduce waste and aquarium clouding common with other floating stick type foods.

Absorbs water quickly becoming soft yet retains its shape. Developed, produced and packaged in our facilities so we can be assured you’ ll always get the Hikari quality you expect!

Price: RM30.00
Hikari Food Sticks 57g for sale in Malaysia

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