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Hailea HC-1000A Aquarium Water Chiller

SKU: HC-1000A

This Hailea water chiller is ideal for large aquariums or centralized aquarium systems such as in restaurants and supermarkets. Check your volume of water to make sure it's within the recommended parameters for the chiller unit.

This product can be delivered anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia.

Model Power Water Refrigerated Rate of Flow Weight Iced Medium Voltage L x W x H
HC-1000A 1 HP 300 – 2000L*** 1500 – 4000L/H 31.3kg R134a 220-240v 520 x 400 x 480

*** Please note that due to availability we may sometimes provide a HC1000-B which has the same specifications as a HC1000-A but can refrigerate a slightly higher volume of water - 2500 litres as opposed to 2000 litres.

You Can Trust Hailea Chillers!

Hailea HC chillers have strong metal chassis with a housing of contemporary design,ensuring the chiller does not look out of place in any surroundings and as with other cooling units,our chillers-the HC series use the environmental friendly refrigerant R134a.

Lower noise design, whilst the digital temperature controller ensures that the selected temperature is maintained. The rate of flow is decided according to the max jet of the pump (immersible power filter) and the circulation equipment.

Price: RM2,550.00
Hailea HC-1000A water chiller for sale Malaysia

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